Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zanzibar pictures part deux

Mnemba Island where the rich and famous stay. Brad and Angelina, maybe?
Snorkelling on Boxing Day. Much, much better than shopping in a mall.
The dive master for the boat loved the Santa hat and just had to have his photo taken too. Oscar was so great that we hung with him and a few others from Spanish Dancer dive shop afterwards for beers. Thanks Oscar!
Now who's this? Santa?
Christine and Karen getting ready for their second dive.
On the boat ride back we covered up and went to sleep. Long day. 
Traditional dhow boats. These go out fishing every afternoon and stay out all night. 
A traditional dhow boat.

High tide at Nungwi Beach
Kayaking on the Indian Ocean
Riding in the dalla-dalla on our way back to Stone Town. Yes, it was that hot.
Snoopy came along but the life jacket just didn't fit him. (Whoops, photo a little out of order)
A farewell gift from a local friend.
dalla-dallas at the bus park in Stone Town.
Red Colobus Monkies in Jozani Forest. They are endemic (I learned that new word) and endangered. So the stupid tourist that was there trying to catch one that ran past her got an earful for me. Regardless that she didn't speak English (maybe Italian) I think the look on my face and my tone said enough...

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