Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another day at the office

I remembered my camera today! Rear end still sore from the day before I climbed on the bike again and we road to a school in the district. At 8:10 (ten minutes after the English lesson was supposed to begin) there were only 7 out of 60 teachers there! Slowly, slowly they arrived and the lesson was quite good. The trainer was there on tine and he was great. The topic was “Sports and Hobbies” and I told them how happy I was that they put down skiing! I explained the difference between skating and skiing (both of which most have never heard of) and I explained that the Winter Olympics will begin in Canada soon. And I explained hockey. What a bizarre sport it is, when you think about it: you skate around with sticks and hit a ball (they don’t know what a puck is) and sometimes you hit each other like this! (Me body checking another teacher). Yes, a strange sport indeed.


After the first school we decided to go onto another school which involved biking in the most narrow, rutted roads I’ve been on so far. My body is absolutely jarred. Most times we weren’t on “roads” but more like single track trails for mountain biking. We drove through a big puddle near some rice fields and passed a herd of cattle which I thought for sure would chase us down. Now, back at the district and my body is feeling everything. Tomorrow is one more day of two schools and I think I’ll leave Friday for working in the office. 

Patrick wondering how we'll get around. In the distance you can see a refugee camp for Rwandans coming from Tanzania.
Patrick likes playing with my camera and insisted I be in a picture. I avoid taking my helmet off's such a hassle. 
A farm in Remera sector (I think)
This is the first herd of cattle I've seen. Some people have one or two but a herd is rare.
Back at the office, head teachers arrived to get training manuals for teachers. They will hopefully use many of these activities in their classrooms in February.

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