Friday, January 22, 2010

And my dentist says I don't floss!

After four days of moto riding I decided to give my legs a rest and do something productive - namely deal with the bed bugs once and for all. So I went to the office in the morning to work because the generator was running. (Kibungo no longer has power during the day until some repairs are made maybe be the end of next week). I did a lot of work and mostly just sorted through emails from VSO and downloaded things and sent things to volunteers. That sort of stuff. I thought I'd come home in the sunshine, get my mattress out there, spray, wash. All that fun stuff. Of course it was raining....but as I pulled my mattress off to spray it (with this stuff that, by the way, is banned in the developing world....) I noticed the stiches were loose. See, bed bugs shouldn't survive the toxic shower that I give them every so often, but they do - somehow. I think this is how. I think they are actually in my "Rwanda Foam" mattress. So, I head to the round about to see about getting some more spray (I was out) and maybe the cost of a new mattress in case it comes to that. See there are other beds in this house but since I switched bedrooms, I really like it here and the bedroom has electricty and light gets in and I really want to stay! But I saw Consolee and she told me I could only get a new mattress in Kigali but suggested I sew it up! Genius! Of course this was all communicated through French, Kinyarwanda and hand gestures. I came home, cranked up my music and took out the dental floss. An hour and half later, that baby was stiched up like a heart patient just in time for me to get a call from Ang before she left for work. A great talk (she laughed about dental floss to prevent bed bugs....) and then I had to get ready for Dorothy's arrival. The power did not come on until about 9:30 so we cooked and ate in the dark. 

We were up early to catch a bus for a Global Schools Partnership Committee meeting at 10am and then book swap at noon. As luck would have it, we stepped outside my gate and a nice big Sotra bus was waiting for us. On to Kigali for another full weekend of VSO activities. 

I think this might help. The top is the new stitch and the bottom is the old one. See how bed bugs can get through? 

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