Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good days are all in how you see them...

You know, in a parallel universe, another Anna is having a terrible day. She woke up late, couldn’t find a moto into Chez Lando, Ndoli’s supermarket was closed so she couldn’t buy coffee or peanut butter to take back to Kibungo, should would have gotten a new, clean Atraco bus into town for only 150 francs, the people on the bus would have been rude, her bag of tin cans would have split open all over the road, Bourbon would have been closed, Skype wouldn’t have worked, she wouldn’t have a caught a bus on time and arrived in Kibungo exactly 2 hours later, and finally, she would have gotten home to no power and now water.

Yes, this may be happening in a parallel universe. But like anything here in Rwanda or in the life of a VSO volunteer, attitude might not change the circumstances, but it does change the perception of it. 

I woke up early and hopped on the first moto that I saw. We drove through the thick fog and I couldn’t be scared because I was on a blue helmet moto which don’t go very fast. We pulled in front on Ndolis (where they sell good peanut butter) but it looked closed. Lucky for me the back door was open and I bought two jars ON SALE for only 1500 francs!! Whoo hoo. I caught a bus to the centre and with my massive bags had help from a lady to tuck them away under her seat, since I was in the jump seat and had to get up and move every time someone wanted to get up and go. Thankfully she noticed that my massive paper bag (remember, plastic is illegal here) was ripping and a tin of lentils almost ready to burst forward.

I got to Bourbon at 8am on the dot and Skpye and the Internet worked like a charm. I talked with Aimey for like 2 hours (maybe over the ½ hour that Bourbon allows but  it was important!). It was so great to chat and we began to talk about what to do and where to go when she gets here in July. Coffee was great, breakfast was great and I caught a small bus back to Kibungo. These little busses are usually so awful but today – not so awful. See? Perception….. I listened to new music courtesy of Sarah and made some awesome new playlists on my Ipod. My new favourite group is Bright Eyes. (Thanks Sarah!) I arrived home to electricity! Actually, my domestic left all the lights on and I’ve been away for a few days but….perception….my power was on! And the water. Well, something is running out of the taps. I wouldn’t exactly call it water….but it will flush the toilet so I really can’t complain.

So today, a short trip to the market. Christine will come here tonight on her way back from Kigali and I think I won’t cook. Beer, brochette and potatoes sounds good to me. 

Next weekend I’m back in Kigali for the family dinner. See, today is the next intact of new VSO volunteers. It’s so strange to me to think that almost 5 months ago, I was in that group. I can almost feel the excitement and nervousness in Kigali from all the way over here. I remember how I felt getting here and now there is a new group of arrivals. I’ll no longer be the new volunteer in town. It’s a good feeling to know I made it to here. We always said – just make to Christmas and the rest will be down hill. Wow. Time has flown.

This week I will be out doing school inspections for nation wide English classes. Moto rides, evaluation, meeting teachers and writing reports. It’s a good chance for me to connect with many teachers in a short time so I’m looking forward to it. I’m only hoping it won’t rain – too much. 

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