Saturday, January 16, 2010


To clarify, my parents did not abandon all parental responsibilities for a game or two of bridge. They simply instilled in us the values of independence, self-reliance, problem solving and a whole host of other skills that have enabled me to travel across the world and live in Africa. Thanks Mom and Dad!! 

My family, for those of you who might have read my parents comments for the post about New Year's Eve, have so many inside jokes that I truly believe outsiders think us a bit nutty. We, on the other hand, think we're hilarious. And if you don't think we're hilarious, too bad for you.

(And if you don't think we're hilarious, you might also think my parents really did abandon us. There may be some people who read this blog who lack a sense of humour -- although I hope not - and therefore should know that my parents are the greatest parents. Except for maybe Mary and Joseph because, you know, the whole Son of God thing....okay there I go again. Appealing only to those of you with a sense of humor. Sorry, I won't do it again.)

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