Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Sunny Tanzania...and that's a good thing

After a 30 hour bus ride (no less than 30 hours.....) through the centre of Tanzania, we arrived in Dar es Salaam hot and very tired. The drive was less the exciting - which i'm grateful for. We have spent the first days here just coping with the heat and are to head to zanzibar island tomorrow. The tempurature must be about 35 here. we're excited to get to the island but have heard that the power is still out after the power station blew up a week or so ago. not sure how it will affect us yet but it looks like we'll spend christmas eve in the dark. hopefully santa can find his way to the island!!! it's a good thing the sun shines for 12 hours a day here. many hotels have generators that run on fuel but because we're staying at budget places, they may not. we'll see..... Adventure? yes!! The other problem is that a tanker bringing fuel to the island didn't make it yesterday....this meant no fuel for generators, or vehicles to get around the island. i'm really, really hoping everything works out. we're going to risk it and head over. if anything....maybe we'll get some deals. Apparently tourists are leaving because they are having trouble dealing with the heat and, presumably, the dark. since we're used to it, at aleast a little bit, we think we can manage. we may not stay the entire time on the island but we'll wait and see.

Wishing you all the best christmas and hope to write again in 2010!

Oh...and thanks to mom and dad for the christmas picture in the comments! man you're techno-savy....

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