Monday, December 14, 2009

Some random thoughts because I can't just post photos, you know...

I think I’ve done well today. I finally got organized to send y’all some photos of work. It’s a slow time (like I’ve said before) because the kids are on holidays. But work continues and it’s really good. I have so many ideas for the new year and head teachers that are right there with me wanting to do some good things at their schools. Friday I head to Zanzibar for Christmas. It’s sort of like Canada at Christmas except instead of waking up to a blanket of white snow with bright blue sky, it will be blanket of white sand and bright blue ocean. Ahhh….oh except did I mention? The power station on the island apparently blew up and there’ll be no power for three weeks – just about the time I’m slated to return to Rwanda. Oooops. So I guess I’m blogging it up now while I have power in Kibungo. And maybe now I’ll take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas since my phone and internet may not work sans electricity. I’m hoping it’s all a rumor…..

Things here are still funny as ever. Okay – but if you haven’t figured this out yet – I look for the funny things when I’m having one of those glum days. Today, though, I’m thinking I’d like to stay in Africa forever……(no this is not a promise or a resignation of my job…). Things here just make me laugh:

- I ate a great Omlette Special at the shop across the street from work. This is the same store that when Jason asked, jokingly, if he could buy icing sugar in Kibungo I said “Yes, in the shop with the Omelettes across from work.” And he said “Really?” and I said “Yes. They sell water, tomato paste, wrapping paper and icing sugar. And that’s it.” (EDIT: Jason went into that store and asked the lady for icing sugar. She said they didn't carry it. He said "Yes, you do." Pointing to the shelf behind her and to the box of...well...icing sugar.)

- I watch English music videos at said shop and was a bit disturbed to see Kate Winslet singing in a video. Someone PLEASE tell me that this is not the case but just one of those crazy things I’ve seen in Rwanda.

- Walking to buy “Super Glue” today (which, incidently, in Kinyarwanda is still called super glue) some of the kids shouted “How are you, Anna!?!?!” To which I replied “Fine thank you!” Encouraged by willingness to engaged them they continued with their English practice by asking “What is your name?” I could only laugh.

- I was given a hard time (rare in Kibungo) this morning. It bothered me for a minute until I realized that I was being harassed by a man in a jacket with Minnie Mouse on the back. ‘Nuff said.

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