Monday, December 14, 2009

Pictures: Head Teacher Training in November

This training was done a while ago. Thanks to Jason for the photos. The focus of the workshop was to discuss teacher evaluation and providing feedback to teachers. It was delivered to Head Teachers (School Directors) 

Directors were given cards with all possible reasons why we evaluate teachers. Then they were to rank them from 1 to 6. The top was the one that was to be the most important reason to evaluate. 
Answers varied and this eventually lead to a heated debate about whether we are here to teach the curriculum first or the children first. 

One of the teachers from my focus schools explaining his VERY important point -- "We cannot fire a teacher before we have helped them improve."
This is what should be in a good lesson. I guess me throwing on a video might not count...

Getting teacher input.
Discussing the difference between constructive and negative feedback. 

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