Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just a quick update as I sit here wondering if I'll find the energy to post something well written, witting and/or evocative....

I just saw a GIGANTIC COCKROACH in my kitchen and when I tried to kill it, it disappeared. Please tell me how something the size of an elephant can disappear like that. Highlights that may or may not be forthcoming will include some or all of the following:

- Meeting Kibungo's finest, aka Kibungo's brass, aka Kibungo's police officers and finding out that, hey!, we have the same camera.

- getting locked out of my house (sort of) and inside my compound and realizing that....wait for it...I was wearing brown shoes with black pants - AGAIN. 

- breaking into said house, wearing said shoes with said pants, with a credit card. I saw it on a movie once.

-trying two new recipes: banana pancakes (sans maple syrup) and sweet potato and tuna cakes. Not on the same night.

- wondering why the electricity ALWAYS seems to go off when I have people over.

- realizing on my walk to a school today that not much phases me anymore: not the cows and goats in the middle of the road, or the live chicken tied upside down to some jerry cans on the back of someone's bike, or the moto driver with a passenger carrying a bike, the GIGANTIC COCKROACH in my kitchen. (Use of capital letters might suggest I was phased. I was not. I would just like to point out that the swift motion of my spatula and my poor aim means that he's still around and the fact that I'm typing and not freaking out is a sign of my growth.)

- realizing that refrigerators are over rated. Granted, I don't buy meat or yogurt.

- the little boy at school who saw me walking, poised himself like an All Blacks Rugby player, squished up his face, clenched his fists and yelled "Muzungu!!!" at the top of his lungs. Later, near the same spot two toddlers walking with their moms ran up to give me the biggest, most lovely Rwandan hug I've had yet. 

- that the thing I saw today that got me was a man who can't walk dragging himself by his hands to a bus and a child running after him to give him some money. This child, and his mother, had little themselves but still found it in their heart to give.

I've decided that proper (well written, witting and/or evocative) entries won't be written. This will do, donkey. This will do.

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