Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another highlight - the Toilet Saga

I always like coming to the district office. I can drink as much water as I want and not have to worry about using a pit latrine. It's great. AND the district put a toilet seat on one of the toilets. Today, though, there is no water and so all the washrooms were locked. It would have done me well to learn this BEFORE I guzzled my half litre before 10am. I'm running around and go upstairs. Nope, still locked. I pop into this really posh office (which tiles on the floor and not just cement!) and this lovely lady walked me through the building looking for an open washroom. Then, just when I thought the situation was hopeless a miracle was performed. She walked me back to the mayor's office (I realized this was said "posh" office), through the leather sofas, flat screen t.v. and to a small door behind the empty desk. This was his washroom. The nicest washroom I have seen in Rwanda. With a toilet seat you can actually sit on!! And there was a......a......a....... MIRROR! It's been weeks since I've looked in anything but a mirror the size my students use for their lockers. At first, when I looked up from the sink while washing my hands with RUNNING WATER, I was surprised to see a muzungu staring back at me. Oh...that's me. And, I could use a shower. And I think I've lost some weight and wow, I look good in this colour! But, no time to admire the gorgeous image infront of me, I would like to be gone before I meet the mayor coming back to his office. 

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