Friday, October 23, 2009

Cleaning my water filter has never been so exciting.

This week was a good one. Three great school visits, 2 long and beautiful motorides, watch a great model lesson at one of the schools, had dinner with some friends, met my neighbour, began walking in the mornings, got an eye infection, 2 French lessons and now a weekend away. All in all…pretty good. Didn’t write a tonne of “exciting” things. I guess I’m beginning to feel like I live here and I forget the things that are making this an adventure.  So, below you’ll find some mundane things that I find adventure in. Why not? Why isn’t cleaning your water filter interesting? It is so me – because it takes an hour!! But, if you were ever wondering how I manage to stay healthy…here it is. 

This is way I need to filter my water. Firstly, I boil this to kill all the living creatures that love me but I don't love them. But it still looks like this because of the dirt / minerals.
These candles filter out the yucky stuff. See how they work? They trap the dirt and they get really dirty.
So, I take apart the filter, and clean everything in filtered water, wash down the candles (see the brown water? That's after cleaning the candles!) Filter is the silver thing on the right.
The candles after they have been cleaned.
Mean, clean, filtering machine! Ready for another week or so....

Was that read as good for you as it was for me? I hope so!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Anna. It’s really a must to have a regular cleaning routin for the filters the accumulated dirt can move from the filter and mix into the clean water, making it unsafe to drink.