Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week one in Rwanda.......

Day 1 in Rwanda: bus is an hour late but we're still smiling. (Okay...Aimey still smiling, Anna frustrated and annoyed.)
Welcome to Kibungo - now get to work!
Canada Day celebrations (a day late).
Christine and Rehma
Who brought this guy?
Jean-Paul and Aimey
The gangs all here.
Quinessential Canadian/Rwandan: toothpicks with the Canadian flag

So this is a goat brochette?
East African gin...a bit much?
But mix it with Clamato and a bit of pili and it's like a Rwandan Ceasar
And if you don't like gin you can mix Rwandan beer with Clam. Truly a Canadian treat imported and arrived on the plane the day before.
Now, use those toothpicks to get the goat out of our teeth
K-I-T-S-C-H (and, yes, my shirt does have moose partying and it does say "Canadian Wildlife"! Thanks to the Lemphers in the Yukon for all the great Canadian swag!)
Kibungo market and me saying "Okay. Quickly or we'll draw a crowd."
One week in Kibungo and Snoopy already has a beer belly
The sweet smell of success - Germany v. Argentina.
Sunset on the way home and...oh yeah....Go Germany! (Result of Germany v. Spain match notwithstanding) time to hop on the bus and go find us some gorillas.

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