Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Library and School visits - July 8th

Aimey's students raised money for the libraries here so we went shopping in Kigali!
And then she took her first moto ride out on dirt roads in the country....Hey! Wait up!
This is the best part of my job!
Aimey playing a game with the kids.
Finally we did take the kids to the library...two by two!
After the library, Aimey joined in on a game that is played by girls all over the region. It involves throwing a ball as hard as you can at other girls - a dodgeball of sorts.
This girl was the star of the game. What an arm! Maybe Rwanda's next shot put champion?
Team Bare
In Mutendeli village with the head teacher of GS Bare.

And then it was off to Muzingira Primary School which was near by. As always it is a treat to visit a school with such a committed head teacher who is willing to try to approaches to benefit the students. The staff work as a team, are happy and as a result you arrive at the school with the feeling that they've got it together.
Visual aids on the walls!!
Many children are encouraged to bring water to school. This is a common way to solve the problem of missing caps...stick half of a banana in the top.
Once again I was impressed with Muzingira! Solange had both P1 classrooms full of visual aids including this one which is a MUCH better version of one that I created because this is simple and faster to create.
After Fantas (of course!) and a few speeches, it was time to say good bye to the wonderful teachers at Muzingira including Perpetue, the head teacher, who is on my right.
And then we head home. (Don't recognize me because I'm not wearing my pink helmet? It's me...but gave Aimey my helmet because it fit her a bit better)
But first Patrick had to stop off at the butcher in a village near by.
Are we really stopped at a butcher in the middle of Africa? Yes, we are!

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