Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 12 to 15th

Monday and Tuesday we spent with Sarah and Ben from VSO UK in the media unit. They were coming to see the work that we've been doing in Ngoma. So, because we were with a professional photographer, I left my camera at home so he could do all the work! It was a great two days. We enjoyed working with them because they were interested and enthusiastic to learn about Rwanda and the people here.

But first....the boys who have our life in their hands - our drivers. Mutoni is Jeremy's driver, Patrick is mine, and Jaffette has been driving Aimey around. Big smiles, big speed and big fun!
Monday we had another Resource building workshop at Rukira Primary School.
Of course, Aimey was put to work also
Bosco, Ben and Sarah interviewing the wonderful head teacher, Angelique.
Aimey, once again, was put to work as Ben's lighting assistant. On Tuesday at Zaza TTC (no pictures) we had plenty of time to wait around and Ben gave me some great advice about taking photos on my safari. I've been frustrated with my filter here and a few other things. So....I'm excited to get to out to the Serengeti and try out the new tips.
Ride back from Rukira

Wednesday we headed to Kabilizi A Primary school to say goodbye to the teachers and to play some volleyball with the kids.
Typical ball the children make in Rwanda

And then we had to play ball so Jeremy held my camera and got some great shots! volleyball has never been my forte but, hey, at least I'm having fun!
I could never do this....I guess it's Aimey's sport.
Felix hitting but a "little" P6 student blocking!
The boys keeping our bikes nice and cool for us.
Muzungus draw spectators wherever we go!

Ladislas is the head teacher and a man committed to his teachers, his school and his community.

Staff of Kabilizi A. I will really miss this school and head teacher. They are the one's who gave me the name Kamaliza. They are truly special people.
After a year of waiting.....the NEW and IMPROVED Kibungo Market is now open!! Whoo hoo! (I'm whoo-hooing the fact that the temporary market was 5 minutes from my house. The new market is now 45 minutes from my house and I've been lucky that the delayed meant that shopping was quick and easy for me -- as quick and easy as shopping in a market in a foreign country can ever be.....)
No more stands made of sticks. No more tarps to keep out sun and rain. No more mud!
And to celebrate, Fanta Feista came to town.
Patrick was the organizer and spent some time in Montreal so we thrilled to meat Canadians and show us the "snow that he had imported from Canada" just keep the Fantas cold!

So, now we're off to Tanzania for another adventure!

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