Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Slow News Day

The pressure to write something profound is immense. I love the feedback I get from the blog. It's the sort of boost of confidence a middle child really needs. But I have to say that when there's no new adventure to write about I avoid writing at all. Sure I could write about the fact that Stuart Little 2 (remember Stuart Little I - who's demise was nothing if not bloody) has officially camped out in my living room. Or I could write about making Sidekicks again (not quite as interesting as the first time....this one called for nothing but water and that I COULD manage!). Nah! Not much going on so I'll give you a bit of a run down and then sign off for a few days. Heading to Kigali to get my Tanzanian visa for ......wait for it.....Zanzibar!!!!

- Ran into Patrick yesterday and am pleased to announce that not only did he make it safely back to Kibungo but so did his bike. Now, if only I could be assured that he has his papers this time. Arranged for him to drive me to Zaza on Thursday and it's quite far so I think I'll double check lest I be stranded in yet another middle-of-nowhere-village-near-pineapple-fields-with-friendly-police. I also owe him money for the ONE WAY journey on Monday
- Met Christine for a tea and bread this afternoon. She was in town for an hour to go to the bank. Sat in Consolee's shop and she was just thrilled at the two muzungus. She gave us free fruit and let us practice our Kinyarwanda. 
- Lately have missed teaching more than I thought I would. I've already gone five months without standing infront of a classroom and think I have withdrawl. I'd probably be teaching about the Justice System right now (and worrying about PATs already) and listening to my students' personal experiences. "Miss, how come one time when I was shop lifting......" You know, those ones. Truthfully, though, it's my calling and my passion. What did it for me was watching Jason's workshop on Student Centred Education (our raison d'etre in Rwanda - see how French lessons are paying off?) and had flash backs to the classroom. I know that teaching will always be there and this really is the experience of a life time but man to I miss those kids and all the funny things they say. 
Me: Walk into class with hair sort of curly and say "Good morning."
Grade 9 girl: "Oh my God! I totally love your hair."
Me: "Thanks but it's just that my straightener was broken."
Grade 9 boy: "Was your mirror broken too?"
Me: .....laughter....more laughter..... not sure I started teaching for a good 10 minutes.

- Finished Miriam Keyes latest novel, This Charming Man, and feel that if you had the choice between spending your $26.99 on that or on paying someone to drag their nails across a chalkboard, I would spend money on the chalkboard. At least then you wouldn't have to pay shipping
- However, if you've any Irish in you (or want to get all excited about St. Patrick's Day), I'm in the middle of Road to McCarthy and am enjoying it.  Also reading The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. He wrote one of my top five books so I'm pretty sure that I'll like this one. Plus it comes highly recommended from some book swap girls.
- Have been heading to bed early lately as a 5am wake up call is coming in the form of a parade or rally on the street each morning. Awesome. Senior 6s are taking culture courses and I think they are finishing them or nearly. So, every morning there are groups of them that rally together and chant and sign and (I'm sure) dance and wave flags. I don't know because, as yet, I haven't been able to pull myself out of bed to see. It is, after all, 5 IN THE MORNING!!!

Okay, so maybe it's been a slow news day. Fine. But you know what? I don't have to go with the whole "if it bleeds, it leads" adage because, frankly, this is my paper and I can do what I want! Also many of you have asked where to put comments on the blog. Right now you can't. I'm thinking of changing this. I think most people would "post responsibly" and if you were mean and cranky and critical then I have the luxury of being able to humiliate and insult you on the blog for the entire world to see. So, yeah, I'm considering it. Will let you know.

Sorry about the slow news day. Take it up with the editor!! :) 

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