Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's a gazillion minus about 322?

So I was all "we have so many pictures" in my last entry. I think I said that I had about a gazillion or so. That'll learn me..... Oh....and why is Snoopy drowning his sorrows in a glass CabSav?

We arrived in Mombasa happy that we'd outwitted the scam artists in Arusha (No, we will not pay an extra 10,000 for our bags on the, it's not the, nor will give out 1,000 for tea....). We were thankful when Aimey left her purse at the restaurant it was still there and the taxi drivers in Mombasa were charging fair prices. We were thrilled when some women on the street treated us to masala mangos. We were extra thankful when - unknown to us - Aimey's camera dropped out of her pocket, onto the floor of the bus, picked up by some men who promptly got off the bus but who were noticed by some women on the bus, shouted at (in Swahili so we didn't know what was happening) and then our camera was brought back to us. Aimey swiftly put the camera away in my pack and five minutes later we were getting out at our stop we were thankful for some men to help us out of the matatu (think minivan with 18 people crammed in) with our bags. I'm so used to trusting helpful people here (can't spend my time here suspicious of everyone) that when they were helping, I thought they were just helping.

And then we realized later that night that the camera was gone. Argh.....

Of course we racked our brains but realized that they got about 300 photos and a few videos of the A-Team Travel adventure pilot show that we're shooting..... The good safari photos and us making the top of Kili on on my camera but Aimey's log of Snoopy in Africa is gone. So, SnoopDog had a big glass of red wine while we were sitting on the beach in Tiwi, Kenya over the last few days and he's feeling much better about the whole thing. Sadly, I'm still a bit annoyed that 11months here and I have lost so much as a pound, let alone a camera. It's tainted my view a bit. But just a bit. For every scammer or theif there are 100 honest and caring people that just want to help. I just need to remind myself of that every now and then. the beach!!! We spent one night in Diani before making our way to a piece of paradise on the Indian Ocean. Margaret and Joseph run the Twiga lodge and after a bumpy taxi ride down the dirt road to get there (the road is known for muggings and we weren't chancing it) we arrived to white sands and palm trees! We're back in Mombasa a little burnt and a little hungover (why do screw top wine bottles have to be so easy to open?) but relaxed and not about to let a missing camera get in the way of a great trip. But seriously, buddy, what are you going to do with a bunch of pictures of Snoopy at Kilimanjaro, Snoopy with the hipps, Snoopy drinking a Primus? Honestly.....

Still in Mombasa at Fort Jesus.

Pick up soccer game in front.

Aimey tries coconut juice for the first time
Now my turn...the girls here recommended the masala mango and for a mango-hater like me (what is up with the aftertaste?), these were pretty good. Even better because when I went to pay the women had already paid for me - what a treat!

After a dismal night at Diani Classic Guest house (NOT recommended) we caught a bus to Tiwi where Margaret was awaiting our arrival. We'd book the budget double room (no sea view, no breakfast, no hot water and, by the looks of it, no new coat of paint since the early 60s) and quickly changed to the superiour room for a wad more cash but look at the view! Well worth it!

Seriously...this was a piece of paradise and only a handful of tourists to speak of.

After getting over his hang over and depression, Snoopy went for a dip in the ocean.

Twiga Lodge has a bar and restaurant but we decided to bring our own wine. Food was good, atmostphere, great. Would recommend to anyone.

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