Friday, June 25, 2010

A Week in Review

Here's a quick rundown of events in the last week and yes, I know I've promised pictures for all my visual learner friends (Gorb!), I can't seem to manage to get around to it. Truthfully, most days I've forgotten my camera and am waiting on Jeremy to give me some photos.

The week has been long but successful. Our workshops that were to be funded by the district still had no funding at 8:45am the morning of - even though it had been "approved" weeks ago. So after a few conversations, it was sorted and we went ahead. Over all, the workshops were a success. Today was the final day and because ministers had a meeting nearby and did not want to hear teachers making noise, our lunch was moved so the teachers were more or less hidden from view down the road. But we all wolfed down our food and rushed back to finish. Each workshop finishes with rice sack creation. It's so simple but what's missing from Rwandan schools. Either way, at 4pm on Friday I was done and ready to get home. Even Jeremy couldn't persuade me for a beer.

Not much else went on this week but training all day (aka: working) is exhausting. Okay, working isn't really hard in general but working in Africa is really hard sometimes. Thursday we went out to celebrate Jason's 40th and, like the mature adults we are, played Jenga (which, incidentally, is a Swahili word meaning "to build."). I kicked ass - even after a big Primus.

Christine is visiting and we're to go to a wedding tonight although we're both on the internet and have not eaten yet. Soon enough I suppose. It's just about a full moon and there's nothing I like better than Kibungo at night during a full moon. Okay, well there are few things I like better but at this exact moment, it's nice to see. We did have a little incident of a preying mantis flying in and scaring us half to death, getting it on a box and throwing the box outside. Johnny Boy was outside at the time and after we shut the door a soft "Anna! Anna!" Sometimes I think he thinks were all nuts!

Tomorrow is umaganda and I usually hide out in my house but tomorrow is another part to the wedding so we'll get all dressed up and show the police the wedding invitation when we're stopped. At least, that's the plan. Apparently there is another wedding that afternoon so I may get some use out of the dresses I bought in Zanzibar after all. Sunday I plan on sleeping in and then watch Germany kick the snot out of England at 4pm.

Next week Aimey arrives and I'm so excited that I'm finding it hard to focus. Then, friends, the A-Team will be reunited again and this blog will, once again, record the adventures that follow. I'm just hoping for less altitude sickness.

When I get around to it, I'll put up a crap load of pictures.

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