Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photos: STILL coming

I went into my living room with every intention of adding photos to this little blog when I heard a faint buzzing sound by the window. I saw a wasp. And another. And another. And another. The noise was getting louder as I recalled the first time I met Tina. This was three days before I moved to Kibungo and she had woken up in the morning to find the living room full of bees. She killed them all and we were still finding bodies a week later. So, I rushed to grab my trusty can of Bop, when I realized that I've been bug free for a few months and my can was empty. So, I walked to the Round-Point store to get another can, came back, took my bug killing stance (rubber gloves and with my head band turned into a mask so I'm not breathing in nerve killing insecticide myself). Bees are gone. Floor is littered with their bodies. Pictures are still not posted. Sigh.

Update: Photos are up....there are a lot. They go back two weeks and are in reverse order. They follow the next entry or you can see them on the right under Archives. Thanks to Christine, JC, Jeremy and Jason for most of the pictures. Enjoy!

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