Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anna who?

Okay, so the "What I'm Reading" section might be a little bit misleading. I originally put it up because the friends that know me will, inevitably ask during a conversation, "So, what are you reading now?" Sadly, folks, I have given up on Miss Anna Karenina. Okay, okay. I know, I know. It's a classic. I get it. But it's like almost 800 pages! Now, I'm not afraid of long books. One of my favourites is Pillars of the Earth and if you haven't read it then, well, you just haven't read anything! No, I like long books. But HONESTLY...Russia??? And 19th Century Russia??? Tsars and sledges and vodka? Come on! I thought that when the Alberta government changed the Grade 9 social studies curriculum I would be finished trying to pronounce the Urals and I wouldn't lose anymore sleep wondering whether it was Tsar or Czar. But no... then I met Anna K. and she has sat next to my bed (patiently, mind you) mocking the fact that I've been reading Jodi Picoult and Sophie Kinsella instead. So - I put it away. But....

But....I did the same thing with Pride and Prejudice and East of Eden. I put them away too, tried them a few years later and they ended up being two of my favourite books. For now, however, I think I'll give her a bit of a break. 

Instead, I'm reading a Shopaholic book. I know! (It's not even well written trash) I'm leaving my "What I'm Reading" the way it is for now, though, lest it be obviously what I'm reading. 

Thank God book swap is on Saturday!

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