Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Muddy Wednesday

I woke this morning to rain pounding on my tin roof. I laid in bed wondering at what point I would have to decide to cancel the morning's workshop. I gave myself until 7am. At ten to seven, it stopped (more or less) and I decided that I would give it a try. Patrick picked me up and hour later and we headed out. The drive to Zaza is normally about 40 minutes. Today, it took an hour. The roads were wet and muddy and the motorbike had difficulty navigating its way through. Patrick is a really good driver but often he had to creep along so that we did slip.

We came upon this truck, which fell into some construction that they were doing. I

Here is its back wheel. When we drove past four hours later it was still stuck. to get past the truck on the other side, they had laid some plywood down. I walked across and Patrick slowly walked the bike across.

So much mud stuck to the bottom of my shoes that I would step and my shoes would stay behind.
On our way back (in the POURING RAIN) we came upon more construction and had to wait (in the POURING RAIN) until this guy moved out of the way. There are two seasons in Rwanda - dry season and construction...mwa ha ha!!!

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