Friday, April 16, 2010

Kiss my ash, Iceland

Two years ago I travelled to Iceland and found that it was a little piece of heaven alone in the north Atlantic. It's a beautiful country and easy to travel around. I worked in the north part of the country for two weeks and travelled along the southern coast for a week. It is my favourite place on earth. It is home to Europe's first democracy and has a 99% literacy rate. The scenery is stunning. And now? Since I've been there the economy has collapsed, McDonald's pulled out and now its volcanoes are causing havoc in the skies. I'm supposed to be heading back to Rwanda on Monday and, while I'm holding out hope that the airports will re-open, I've also read that the last time this little volcano underneath the Eyjafjallajokall glacier erupted was two hundred years ago and it lasted for 18 months. Hmmmm........

Here are a few pictures from my visit and from the roads that are now washed away:

One of the glaciers near the volcano. It's either Eyjafjallajokull or Myrdalsjokull....I ALWAYS mix those two up! (prior to eruption...obviously)
Popular camping spot near the volcano
A dormant volcano in north eastern Iceland called Grabrok.

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  1. Nice pictures, but it’s just amazing how many people are being affected as a result of the volcano in Iceland that erupted. Flights have been canceled and there are health risks involved. I hope the situation improves soon.